What happens when an automotive engineer and an economist set up a business? The founders, Jamie and David, both millennials, had previously spent years working in large corporates. David worked at Jaguar Land Rover in the UK and took the Range Rover Evoque from concept through to production. Jamie was a successful manager at PwC working across a diverse group of businesses as well as helping to advise and mentor startups in his spare time.

Both founders were conscious of businesses talking about sustainability and what they were planning to do, but ultimately making little or no progress. DASH is a business that focuses on action engineering - providing the “how now”.

DASH is re-engineering the Cycle to Work scheme for today's world with its subscription e-bikes. Offering consumers a range of bikes from leading manufacturers such as Brompton, VanMoof and Cowboy for less than the cost of a sandwich per day via its revolutionary online platform. Every subscription comes complete with helmet, rider insurance, repairs & maintenance, branding as well as a 200% carbon offset.